exA-Arcadia Launches Across Japan

exA-Arcadia Launches Across Japan


TOKYO, JAPAN – November 27, 2019 – exA-Arcadia launches in arcades across Japan with TANOSHIMASU’S AKA & BLUE TYPE-R.

exA-Arcadia’s first release, AKA & BLUE TYPE-R, returns the glorious shooter genre into the modern age! Blazing past competing games in income at each location test, exA-Arcadia simply makes arcade owners more money than any other game. For the first time in nearly a decade, exA-Arcadia is giving operators 100% of all income unlike rivals who take a forced revenue share up to 65% leaving operators with less than 20% after taxes and fees. There is no risk of servers suddenly being shut off and a game becoming useless, on exA-Arcadia, arcade owners are not tied down to network contracts or any other company, they can simply buy a new cartridge and start making revenue. Join the revolution now.

exA-Arcadia Features

  • No Revenue Share Business Model – Keep 100% of What You Make
  • Most Powerful Arcade Hardware on the Market – Eclipses All Competitors
  • Install 4 Different Games with only 1 Motherboard – Maximize Your Real Estate
  • Over 25 Announced Games & 50 Games in Development – More Games, More Income
  • Industry Standard JVS/JAMMA Compatible – Works as a Conversion Kit
  • Compatible with Flat Panel HD Monitors & CRT Monitors – Displays up to 4K
  • Available to Everyone – FECs, Street Locations, Individuals
  • For Developers of All Sizes – 1 Man Indies to Large Corporations
  • SDK Plugins, Libraries & Extensions Available for Unreal, Unity, GMS, CF2.5, Corona, STG Builder, 2D Fighter Maker & more 

With dozens of creative partners and over 25 announced titles for release in 2020, exA-Arcadia is poised to revitalize the industry in Japan and the world over. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming game releases and location tests.



AKA & BLUE TYPE-R returns the shooter genre to the arcade with an all new original take on the fan favorite bullet hell genre. Created by YANOSHIMASU, veterans of the genre, along with sound composer luminaries like WASi303, Go Sato and OTK, every stage is completely voiced by top class actors/actresses from the legendary voice talent agency, 81 PRODUCE. AKA & BLUE TYPE-R sets a new standard for graphic fidelity supporting native 1080p 60FPS performance with over 10,000 bullets onscreen. Also a first, it supports both modern flat panel 16:9 monitors as well as 4:3 CRT monitors in both horizontal and vertical screen orientations. Uncover the mysteries of the bomb and find all of the secrets in this high powered & unrivaled production!