TOKYO, JAPAN – January 26, 2021 – NiPPON MARATHON TURBO is now available for orders at the exA-Arcadia Shop and your local distributors.

Developed by onion soup interactive, NiPPON MARATHON TURBO is 4 player madness in the craziest multiplayer race that you’ve ever seen. Featuring art by famed namco designer behind Numan Athletics and Mach Breakers, Tatsuya Ishikawa, choose from 12 seriously outrageous characters and dash, dive & jump to the finish line. Use a myriad of items like the homing watermelon or the pineapple parachute to gain an advantage over your friends (or is that your enemies). Watch out for the deadly shiba dogs blocking your path, use the grocery carts to gain speed and just don’t faceplant into the window! Casual audiences will enjoy the variety of marathons available to play with others while competitive players keep coming back on figuring out the best paths through each course to get the high score! Who will be the winner of the weirdest race in the world?!

NiPPON MARATHON TURBO supports 4K widescreens as well as native 4:3 CRT cabinets. Two 2 player JVS compatible cabinets can be linked together for 4 player play with a single exA-Arcadia system and game cartridge.

Players: 1-4
Genre: 4 Player Action
Orientation: Horizontal

Languages: English, Japanese

Developer: onion soup interactive
Key Visual: Tatsuya Ishikawa
Theme Song
: Diana Garnet


For more information on the game, please visit the site here.



NiPPON MARATHON TURBO is shipping now and comes packaged with 2 A1 posters, 3 A3 instructions and instruction strip.