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I grew up in the Spain of the 80s, dreaming about mythological heroes, giant monsters, intergalactic adventures and other silly things. Back in the day it was common to find arcade cabinets in pubs and restaurants, and I was fascinated with their colours, their sounds and their restless action. But the economy wasn’t good enough for the kid to waste coins into machines, so I spent years watching others play, and without realizing it, studying the design of those games.

I dreamed about creating my own titles.
But that dream was too big…

As an adult I found myself trapped in a gray world. So one night, to cheer up the atmosphere, I started fooling around with my favorite things from the old days: pixel artchip sounds and intense action. Since then, my project as Locomalito has been to create my own new classic-like video games, working over a low flame in my spare time, when nobody bothers me.


Games releasing on exA-Arcadia:


abylight Studios