exA-Arcadia System +
Gimmick! EXACT☆MIX
Software Kit


Buy the exA-Arcadia System bundled with Gimmick! EXACT☆MIX Software Kit for a special introductory discount!

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exA-Arcadia System Kit

Due to high demand, please note that this is a backorder for the next lot available. 

The most powerful arcade platform released to date features no revenue share, no required internet services and 4 cartridge slots to optimize income in a single cabinet. You can easily upgrade to new a game by simply swapping or adding a cartridge to your system. Compatible with 100-240v.

exA-Arcadia Features

  • No Revenue Share Business Model - Keep 100% of What You Make
  • Most Powerful Arcade Hardware on the Market - Eclipses All Competitors
  • Install 4 Different Games with only 1 Motherboard - Maximize Your Real Estate
  • Over 25 Announced Games & 50 Games in Development - More Games, More Income
  • Industry Standard JVS/JAMMA Compatible - Works as a Conversion Kit
  • Compatible with Flat Panel HD Monitors & CRT Monitors - Displays up to 4K
  • Available to Everyone - FECs, Street Locations, Individuals

*Requires a JVS compatible arcade cabinet with a DVI-D input or a JAMMA cabinet (31kHz only) using a JVS IO board and a DAC.

Orders will be shipped in the order received pending available inventory.

Orders are considered final and cannot be canceled.


Available on backorder

Gimmick! EXACT☆MIX
Software Kit

SUNSOFT's master class in action platforming returns exclusively to the arcade with Gimmick! exAct☆Mix! With full compatibility with modern 16:9 LCD displays and legacy 4:3 CRT monitors, Gimmick! brings excitement and engagement to players, and big income to your arcade.

Gimmick! exAct☆Mix delivers smooth and detailed new graphics, an arranged soundtrack, and emphasized scoring mechanics to the NES/Famicom cult classic. A new Time Attack mode has been added, allowing for both new players to practice later stages, and for experienced players to compete for the best completion time. Stages may also be played in an alternate order with the Stage Edit function, keeping players of all skill levels coming back for more. Includes A1 poster, instruction sheet and instruction strip (Japanese and English).

Orders will be shipped out in the order received pending available inventory. 

Languages: English, Japanese

Preorders are considered final and cannot be canceled.

Available for pre-ordering

Available on backorder

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  • exA-Arcadia Hardware Kit
  • Gimmick! exAct☆Mix Software Kit
  • DVI-D Cable
  • Power Cable


  • Yoko/Landscape Orientation
  • Horizontal Gameplay
  • 16:9 HD Widescreen
  • 4:3 SD CRT

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