exA-Arcadia JVS’ I/O Board (VEWLIX)

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The exA-Arcadia JVS’ I/O Board for VEWLIX cabinets provides the ultimate low lag response times for your exA-Arcadia system.

Utilizing the new exA-Arcadia JVS’ (pronounced JVS Dash) protocol with speeds faster than USB HID devices, exA-Arcadia games can now achieve input lag speeds as low as Sub 1 frame speeds (0.25 frames). This is power to the exA! 

When linking 2 or more cabinets together for Japanese arcade style of back to back VS cabinets or separate dedicated player cabinets for 4 player setups, the additional lag experienced in the normal JVS protocol is now eliminated with JVS’.

Even with modern development tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine, exA-Arcadia games are now more responsive than any other arcade or console platform on the market today and in some cases, even faster than legacy arcade/console games from the golden era of the 80’s and 90’s. Paired with a low display lag modern LCD monitor, you are getting response performance on par or better than the classic CRT monitors of yesteryear.

Faster response times gives players more time to react to opponent attacks to get that guaranteed attack in a fighter or dodge enemy bullet patterns in a shooter. Moving your character or ship in a game is that much smoother and does not feel like you are fighting the controls to maneuver. Now, you can hit that just frame combo every single time. This is what games are meant to feel like.

Experience maximum performance with exA-Arcadia, the game industry golden standard for input response.


Comparison Examples

NEO GEO MVS/FAMICOM/MEGA DRIVE – 1 frame *some titles are 2 frames

CV1000/Most 90’s Arcade Games – 2 frames

CPS-II/CPS-III – 3 frames


Arcade TEKKEN 7/STREET FIGHTER V – 5 frames


exA-Arcadia Response Speed Examples

AKA & BLUE TYPE-R (Unity) – 1 frame


Gimmick! EXACT MIX (Custom Engine) – 0.25 frames

INFINOS EXA (STG Builder) – 1 frame

P-47 ACES MARK II (Custom Engine) – 1 frame

SAMURAI SHODOWN V PERFECT (Custom Engine) – 0.25 frames

VRITRA HEXA (Solar 2D) – 1 frame


JVS’ Compatibility

Most exA-Arcadia games have already been updated for JVS’ compatibility and require the most recent version for speed gains and quality of life improvements. Please check the latest product information page here for more details.


Installation Details

This is a direct drop in for TAITO VEWLIX cabinets using a TAITO JVS I/O or FAST I/O board. Note that for VEWLIX Diamond Black or BYKING Orange cabinets wired for the TAITO USB I/O board, this is not a drop in and will require rewiring of the connectors to work. This does not drop into clone VEWLIX cabinets (aka CHEWLIX). An optional connector to hook up a Game Menu button for exiting games is also provided via a JST NH header. Test and Service buttons are provided on the I/O board for testing convenience.


*Note that this I/O board has not been tested with other JVS systems and is not guaranteed to work with non exA-Arcadia hardware.

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