About Us

exA-Arcadia is bringing video games back to the arcade!

Partnering with talented developers around the world, our mission is to revitalize the global arcade industry utilizing modern technology and services.

  • We understand what arcade owners want – Affordable, profitable, convertible games
  • We understand what game creators want – Reasonable business schemes & Easy access to the Arcade market
  • We understand what players want – More Arcade games!

exA-Arcadia is creating a sustainable arcade eco system where arcades can continue to thrive and provide exciting location entertainment for generations to come, where creators can watch players enjoy their games to the fullest and most importantly, where customers of all ages can have fun.

Our People Difference    

Our international team consists of experienced professionals from across console manufacturers & publishers, publicly listed mobile game publishers, advertising agencies, Silicon Valley giants, investment banks, top 4 law firms and security consulting firms.

But, more importantly, every single member of our team loves and owns arcade games!

Where we hail from: