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Natsume Inc. was established in 1987 on Natsumezaka Street in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, and merged with game hardware manufacturer Atari Inc. to start anew as Natsume Atari Inc. in 2013.
There are currently the three departments listed below, and the daily operations are supported by the internal divisions.

■Game Department
Our young employees, who are currently busy following the smartphone game trends, would be pretty surprised if they find out that our original development team, formed back in the NES days, is still plugging away tirelessly everyday. In fact, they would likely to freak out. That’s the sort of game department. The planning, development, and management of everything from home console video games to smartphone games are all handled by the NatsumeAtari Game Department.

■Game Hardware Department
We are able to take on virtually any software development request commissioned by game hardware manufacturers, from video production to gameplay specifications and ball design. These tasks are handled by NatsumeAtari’s Pachinko and Pachi-Slot teams.

■Gaming Department
Economic expectations are high amidst the recent decision to introduce casinos to Japan, and in accordance with these expectations, NatsumeAtari is developing video slot machines for the global market in order to remain at the forefront of the gaming industry. These activities are headed by the NatsumeAtari Gaming Department. It’s a really exciting time for the gaming industry!

Through our business operations, we strive to realize our corporate philosophy – to contribute to the happiness of everyone involved with NatsumeAtari, from our staff and business partners, to each and every one of the users who enjoys the products we release.


Natsume Atari