exA-Arcadia @ Amusement Expo 2021

The Perfect Fit for Any Location

Bring back your bottom line to pre-COVID levels with low cost, high performing exA-Arcadia multi video game upright cabinets.

Install up to 4 different games per cabinet to ensure that every type of customer is completely entertained. 17 games are available now with 50 more titles in development guarantee that you can continue to engage customers at minimal cost.

Adding or changing games only takes a few minutes. Simply insert the game cartridge into the exA-Arcadia system and swap out the marquee & instructions card – no technician needed!

Amortize your investment at lightning fast speed. Real location data proves that you can recoup within a few months – well below the industry standard 26 weeks. Start off summer with a bang in revenue!

Available in both 2 Player and 4 Player models equipped with a gorgeous 4K 55″ monitor, spacious control panel, high definition speakers and vivid LED lighting. No online subscriptions or internet connectivity required.

Contact our sales team to schedule a meeting at Amusement Expo or for more information.