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Created by veteran fighting game developers F K Digital, CHAOS CODE: EXACT XENO ATTACK is the ultimate version of the popular fighter incorporating all characters, superior controls, and 16 different costumes for all 16 characters from the series in a high paced 2D fighter that is now available for the first time to arcades outside of Japan. Each character can choose from 4 extra optional attacks and also either a step or run mode to further add depth to the large move list and unique style of play for each character. Choose your style and dominate the competition!

CHAOS CODE: EXACT XENO ATTACK defaults to 16:9 4K resolution but is also compatible with 4:3 CRT cabinets. 2 players can play across 2 linked JVS cabinets in a Japanese VS style setting or go for the 2 player mode on a single cabinet for traditional fighting. Only 1 exA-Arcadia system and 1 game cartridge is needed for a VS style setup.

Players: 1-2
Genre: Fighter
Orientation: Horizontal

Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional), Korean

Developer: F K DIGITAL
Key Visual: Ban
: MintJam & others