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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic shooting series, COTTOn ROCK ‘n’ ROLL is the sixth and latest entry into the series shooting its way into arcades everywhere on exA-Arcadia. Join Cotton on her quest to find the ultimate fairy made sweets. In addition to series regulars: Cotton, Silk and Appli, a new original character – Tacoot, and 4 guest characters from other SUCCESS franchises like Psyvariar, Sanvein and Umihara Kawase are also selectable and feature their own totally unique play mechanics! Play with a friend in the exA-Arcadia exclusive 2 player mode and shooter veterans will have a blast with the exclusive arranged mode featuring completely rebalanced characters and stages made for scoring. Journey through 16 stages + special bonus stages and aim for #1 on the scoreboards! Only on Arcades for exA-Arcadia


Players: 1-2
Genre: Shooter
Orientation: Horizontal

Languages: English, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Korean

Licensor: SUCCESS
: exA-Arcadia TEAM EXA-AM1
Key Visual
: Amika Minato-Minat’s
Sound: Kenichi Arakawa, HAGANE