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Continuing the tradition set by the first CAVE exA-Arcadia title, DODONPACHI TRUE DEATH EXA LABEL, CRIMSON KATANA EXA LABEL is the definitive version of CAVE’s 2 player horizontal shooting masterpiece AKAI KATANA.

Utilizing new exA-Arcadia tech, 1 frame input lag provides the most responsive feel of any version of the game to date with 5 times the response speed of the Nesica version and double the speed of the original CV1000 JAMMA board.

Now equipped with 4K visuals, play the Original mode in 4:3 and the other game modes in 16:9 widescreen. (Vertically oriented screens are also supported for those inclined to play in this manner.) Audio has been remastered in stereo HD for not only the Original and Arranged soundtracks created by the legendary Ryu Umemoto but also for the first time, the FM Arranged Soundtrack initially created by Umemoto and completed posthumously by Keishi Yonao is exclusively available in this release.

In addition to a more accurate rendition of the arcade Original mode fixing unintended design & performance issues and bugs in the original release, additional game modes are available for the first time in arcades. The all new Ultimate mode provides a 2nd loop difficulty in any game mode for veteran players selectable from the start and Slash (Shin), the Director’s Cut, adds a brand new stage and a true last boss for players to enjoy. EXA LABEL combines the best aspects of all modes for a whole new experience geared towards players of all levels with realtime difficulty adjustments in a brand new arranged mode only on exA-Arcadia.





Game Information: 

Players: 1-2
Genre: Shooter
Languages: English, Japanese
JVS’ Compatible: Yes
Input Lag: 1 Frame

Monitor: Horizontal (Recommended), Vertical
HD Aspect Ratio: 16:9
SD Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 4:3 (Original Mode only)

Licensor: CAVE
: exA-Arcadia TEAM EXA-AM2
Key Visual
: Mushimaro
Sound: Ryu Umemoto (Original, Arranged, FM Arranged), Keishi Yonao (FM Arranged)


Copyright Information:
LICENSED BY ©2010, 2011 CAVE CO., LTD.