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SAMURAI SHODOWN V PERFECT represents the ultimate culmination of the original 2D fighting series: 28 playable characters including every boss from previous installments, Overkill techniques, and other new game system and balance changes added between SAMURAI SHODOWN V and SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL. There’s also further fine tuning and improvements in conjunction with a fleshed-out story for each character to make for a polished game in both single and versus play modes.

Legendary SAMURAI SHODOWN III and SAMURAI SHODOWN: Tales of the Bushido (RPG) character designer, Shiroh Ohno, returns to the franchise for the first time in over two decades to exclusively design all of the cast for this arcade outing. Relive the golden age!

More details will be available closer to launch.


Players: 1-2
Genre: Fighter
Orientation: Horizontal (Recommended), Vertical

Languages: English, Japanese

Licensor: SNK
exA-Arcadia TEAM EXA-AM1
Key Visual
: Shiroh Ohno
Sound: Kennosuke Suemura, Haruhiko Kuroiwa