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Touhou Perfect Sakura Fantastica brings the extremely popular Touhou series to arcades worldwide in a spectacular remake of Perfect Cherry Blossom (Touhou Episode 7 ). Join Reimu and Marisa for the first time in a full vertical screen experience complete with a fully voiced cast starring 12 famous anime voice actresses such as Ayaka Suwa, Naomi Ohzora, Hibiku Yamamura, Kanae Ito and more! Master musician Keishi Yonao’s newly composed arranged soundtrack reflects on the classic series’ tracks with a nostalgic yet fresh take that hypes up players to wade through the storm of enemy bullets. Featuring 4 playable characters and multiple difficulty levels in the original story, discover the mystery behind the long winter in the side story and epilogue modes. Optimized for 3x faster response times than the original game and equipped with information gadgets in both horizontal & vertical orientations, this is the ultimate Touhou experience supervised by the original series creators Team Shanghai Alice.



Only on Arcades for exA-Arcadia



Players: 1
Genre: Shooter
Orientation: Vertical (Recommended), Horizontal

Languages: English, Japanese

: exA-Arcadia TEAM EXA-AM5
Key Visual
: Agatsuma Rochan
Sound: Keishi Yonao