What is exA-Arcadia?

For Operators

exA-Arcadia is a state of the art cartridge based arcade video game system available in both as a dedicated upright cabinet and as a conversion kit for existing cabinets. Featuring affordable games from Japan & the world over, our games are optimized for high income performance with low downside risk.

There is no forced manufacturer revenue share per play, no required online connections or services, no monthly network subscription fees to pay and no risk of your games not working anymore because a company decided to shut down their servers. Simply purchase a cartridge and plug it in to have a new game ready to go on location. No installations, no downloads, no hassles. It just works.

A wide variety of games from 4 player cooperative games to competitive 1 on 1 fighting games to high scoring shooters appealing to both casual FEC customers as well as veteran gamers are available now. We have a perfect match for every location. As of December 2022, 30 titles are available worldwide with over 50 more games in the works. 

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For Game Creators

Have you dreamt of making an arcade game? Is your game perfect for the arcade or perhaps you have a game already on PC or console that you would like to monetize in the arcade marketplace? Make your dreams reality. exA-Arcadia works with one man indies to publicly traded corporations. Contact us below to propose your game. Please note that all assets and code must be properly licensed or owned to be considered.

exA-Arcadia is compatible with all modern game development tools including Unreal Engine, Unity, Game Maker Studio 2, GoDot, ClickTeam Fusion 2.5+, Corona/Solar 2D, XNA, OpenBOR, STG Builder, 2D Fighter Maker 2nd, Pixel Game Maker MV, HTML5 and Construct 3. We provide code samples, plugins, libraries and design guidance to all of our partners. We help make good games into great arcade games.

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