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Only on Arcades for exA-Arcadia


Over 5 years in the making, AXEL CITY 2 brings together 40 playable characters in a brand new 2D fighter for arcades!

Set in a modern divided world, rival factions vie for control of the Earth! 

The Boumad Group led by the enigmatic and powerful D-Wun aims to unlock humanity’s potential by tapping into the ultimate form of a warrior’s ki called Ryuki and utilize it to control the world. Paired with the Narugami ninja clan, they search for the supreme warrior known as Gouto. 

Meanwhile, the Kamishiro Zaibatsu led by Reiza Kamishiro uses the drug, MadReverse, to create super soldiers and bends anyone in their path to the group’s will.

Standing in their way of world domination is Agito, Kenji and the Saeba ninja clan.

Each character is fully voiced with their own unique story in Arcade Mode adding to the anime style drama. Play through the challenging Fighting Mode to take on 25 CPU controlled enemies and learn more about each fighter along the way. Battle it out against opponents with a familiar yet complex fighting game system. Easily connect combos from footsies or normal attacks and then go for juggles with special or super finishers! Never miss a combo or punisher with exA-Arcadia’s maximum performance sub 1 frame response times!

Bring the ultimate anime 2D fighter to your town with AXEL CITY 2!




Choose from 40 unique characters straight out of the gate! Grapplers, Zoners, Hard Hitters – all of your favorite types of characters are here in the ultimate 2D anime fighter.


0.3 FRAME INPUT LAG RESPONSE – The fastest benchmark in the game industry

Maximum Performance! Play like you’re meant to. Never miss a combo again.



Surpass your limits! Use Dash Counters to quickly close the gap with your opponent and launch an attack or fake them out. Play footsies to gain ground or High Jump out of traps. Combo from the ground to the air or vice versa to get the advantage and lay your opponent to rest!



Each character has a different story sequence and is fully voiced through unique cinema sequences and endings. Discover the secrets of the Mad Reverse bio enhancements and who is behind it all!



Test your strength and battle it out against 25 opponents in a row in a 1 round, max meter slug fest! How far can you go?



Practice battle situations against any character. Setup the CPU to do tech recoveries or give yourself maximize resources to go for the best combos!



Works in either screen orientation (vertical or horizontal).


Orders will be shipped out in the order received pending available inventory. 

Languages: English, Japanese

Orders are considered final and cannot be canceled. Any kind of proxy purchasing is strictly forbidden. No refunds will be given to proxy buyers.

In stock



  • AXEL CITY 2 Game Cartridge
  • A1 Poster
  • A3 Instructions
  • Instruction Strips (Japanese/English)
  • Manual (Japanese/English)



  • Horizontal/Landscape Orientation (optimized)
  • Vertical/Portrait Orientation
  • Horizontal Gameplay
  • 16:9 HD Widescreen
  • 4:3 SD CRT

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