exA-Arcadia blanc JVS’ I/O Board + Wiring Harness

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The exA-Arcadia blanc JVS’ I/O Board + Wiring Harness is designed to be installed into a BANDAI NAMCO blanc (DRAGON BALL ZENKAI BATTLE) cabinet.

This is a JVS’ (Dash) capable I/O board utilizing the new exA-Arcadia JVS’ (pronounced JVS Dash) protocol with speeds faster than USB HID devices, exA-Arcadia games can now achieve input lag speeds as low as Sub 1 frame speeds (0.25 frames). This is power to the exA!  

Linking between cabinets is now a reality! When linking 2 or more cabinets together for Japanese arcade style of back to back VS cabinets or separate dedicated player cabinets for 4 player setups, the additional lag experienced in the normal JVS protocol is now eliminated with JVS’.

Experience maximum performance with exA-Arcadia, the game industry golden standard for input response.


Installation Details

This is a direct drop in for BANDAI NAMCO blanc cabinets. However, all existing wiring in the cabinet will be changed out. It is also highly recommended to be paired with exA-Arcadia control panels and wiring harnesses. Only individuals who are confident in performing conversions should purchase this item.


*Note that this item ships separately from systems or games. This I/O board has been tested with other JVS systems but is not guaranteed to work with all non exA-Arcadia hardware. Any damage incurred from incorrect installation or usage is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

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