exA-Arcadia VEWLIX 2L12B Control Panel + Wiring Harness

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The exA-Arcadia VEWLIX 2L12B Control Panel + Wiring Harness designed as a complete 2 player (2L12B) control panel replacement for the TAITO VEWLIX series of cabinets.

Designed for use with your exA-Arcadia system, the high quality control panel is compatible with both Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks. An exA-Arcadia compatible Game Menu button for easy navigation is also included. A wiring harness to connect from the Game Menu button to the I/O board is included. I/O Board, buttons and joysticks are not included.


Installation Details

This is a direct drop in for TAITO VEWLIX cabinets using a TAITO JVS I/O or FAST I/O board. Note that for VEWLIX Diamond Black or BYKING Orange cabinets wired for the TAITO USB I/O board, this is not a drop in and will require rewiring of the connectors to work or the exA-Arcadia VEWLIX JVS Harness. This does not drop into clone VEWLIX cabinets (aka CHEWLIX). Joysticks may require specific mounts sold by their respective manufacturers: Sanwa and Seimitsu.  


*Note that this item ships separately from systems or games. Any damage incurred from incorrect installation or usage is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

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