exA-Arcadia VEWLIX JVS Conversion Kit (2L12B Control Panel)

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The exA-Arcadia VEWLIX JVS Conversion Kit (2L12B Control Panel) is designed as a complete exA-Arcadia 2 player (2L12B) conversion kit for the TAITO VEWLIX series of cabinets.

Designed for use with your exA-Arcadia system, the high quality control panel is compatible with both Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks. An exA-Arcadia compatible Game Menu button for easy navigation is also included. A wiring harness to connect from the Game Menu button to the custom Game Menu PCB included and then to the joystick is included. Buttons and joysticks are not included.

Included is a JVS’ (Dash) capable I/O board utilizing the new exA-Arcadia JVS’ (pronounced JVS Dash) protocol with speeds faster than USB HID devices, exA-Arcadia games can now achieve input lag speeds as low as Sub 1 frame speeds (0.25 frames). This is power to the exA!  

Linking between cabinets is now a reality! When linking 2 or more cabinets together for Japanese arcade style of back to back VS cabinets or separate dedicated player cabinets for 4 player setups, the additional lag experienced in the normal JVS protocol is now eliminated with JVS’.

Experience maximum performance with exA-Arcadia, the game industry golden standard for input response.


Installation Details

This is a direct drop in for TAITO VEWLIX cabinets using a TAITO JVS I/O or FAST I/O board. Note that for VEWLIX Diamond Black or BYKING Orange cabinets wired for the TAITO USB I/O board, this is not a drop in and will require rewiring of the connectors to work or the exA-Arcadia VEWLIX JVS Harness. This does not drop into clone VEWLIX cabinets (aka CHEWLIX). Joysticks may require specific mounts sold by their respective manufacturers: Sanwa and Seimitsu.  


*Note that this item ships separately from systems or games. Any damage incurred from incorrect installation or usage is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

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