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The classic P-47 shooting series returns to the modern age in P-47 ACES MK.II! Up to 4 players can join the battle in highly detailed terrain from deserts to tundra. Choose from 8 different ships/pilots and take the fight to the front line! Power up your ship’s anti-air and anti-surface weaponry to decimate enemy forces. Use your secret Hyper weapon to temporarily become invincible and deal even more massive damage! A special FEC difficulty setting is available for more casual locations to ensure all types of customers have a good time.

3 modes are available: ORIGINAL (a beyond perfect port of the the original ACES game with the ability to play as the 4 new pilots), WIDE (a rebalanced version of the original game presented in true 16:9 widescreen) and MARK II (a spectacular remake with faster response times than the original game and new stages, new arranged soundtrack by NMK alumni Manabu Namiki & new game features). Includes A1 dual sided poster, A3 instructions, instruction strips (English & Japanese) and game manual (English & Japanese).


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Languages: English, Japanese


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  • P-47 ACES MK.II Game Cartridge
  • Poster
  • Marquee/Instructions Header
  • Instruction Strip (Japanese & English)
  • Manual (Japanese & English



  • Yoko/Landscape Orientation
  • Horizontal Gameplay
  • 16:9 HD Widescreen
  • 4:3 SD CRT

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