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Only for Arcades on exA-Arcadia


Not your traditional shooter, RIVAL MEGAGUN XE pits pilots against each other to see who is the best! Designed in the vein of competitive fighters and Twinkle Star Sprites, choose from 7 different ships with unique attacks and the ability to transform into a boss like Megaship to overwhelm your opponent! Combine your shooter skills and strategic choices to become the best! Completely redesigned characters, newly added voices and masterfully arranged music from famed composer, Keishi Yonao, with rebalanced sound effects bring the ultimate RIVAL MEGAGUN XE experience for arcades only. Includes A1 poster, instruction sheet and instruction strip (Japanese and English).


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Languages: English, Japanese


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  • RIVAL MEGAGUN XE Game Cartridge
  • Poster 
  • Marquee/Header  
  • Instruction Strip (Japanese/English)
  • Manual (Japanese/English)



  • Horizontal/Landscape Orientation
  • Vertical Gameplay
  • 16:9 HD Widescreen
  • 4:3 SD CRT

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